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Recently a delegate provided an Irish Driving Licence which does not have a standard driving licence number it has an 8-character code shown at position 5. The trainer was able to obtain the normal driving licence number which was displayed on the delegates DQC; however, the 8-digit code is all you need to upload.

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We are starting to get really busy at weekends due to the expected last-minute demand from organisations and drivers alike, please ensure you have provided your availability to Suzanne for the next 4 months at weekends.

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The introduction of SMART Motorways has hade a significant effect on both traffic and drivers alike. Our new course is specifically aligned to meet the needs of all road users on SMART Motorways.

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Driving in icy and snowy weather

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We are due to have a full centre visit in September and I intend to discuss the current status of being a consortium which Bob James determined he thought we were.

I do not believe that this is the case and will update following the review and provide all identified action plans.

Junction 17 working in partnership with Pro Qual and Licence Check Ltd are now delivering the first level 3 national award for organisations and individuals who are required to check Driving licences as part of their role. The award, for the first time, provides a nati...

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Junction 17 Defensive Driver Training Ltd has teamed up with Licence Check to launch a new Level Three driving licence checking qualification