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Our latest Newsletter for the New Year.

Driver CPC January 2020:


This is our first newsletter to customers and the aim is to keep you updated with changes in the industry and we would welcome your feedback on anything you would like to see included.


CPC Training.

The next five year period commenced in September 2019 and we are keen to encourage customers to start this period by sending drivers on one course a year rather than wait until the final few months.


The advantages to you are that the driver is only away from work for 7 hours per year rather than 35. The advantage to the driver is that their knowledge is updated yearly rather than waiting for 5 years and then being informed of any changes.


There is still the criticism that some drivers can repeat the same course 5 times and we want to avoid that.

We know that there are some courses, such as first aid which are beneficial for drivers to repeat.  These courses are really important to do and it’s good to keep your knowledge up to date.

But, repeating a course because it’s cheap or easily accessible is not a good use of your time or money.  Even if you’ve been driving for many years, it’s important to refresh your skills and update your knowledge. And, if you’re an employer, keeping your drivers up-to-date with the latest rules and vehicle technologies can help reduce running costs to your business.

We are a flexible training provider and we will deliver around your availability so if you have a quiet time of the year then let’s get the drivers booked in. We will be contacting you over the next few weeks with the aim of confirming dates for training.


We will also be holding open courses for individual drivers every three months and details and dates are on the website.


DVSA Examiners

As part of our trainers Continuous Professional Development day we recently had a guest speaker who is a DVSA examiner.


Amongst the subjects he covered was the importance of daily walk around checks and if they are not completed fully then that can show the unprofessional attitude of the driver and the employer. He also spoke about how a simple point like having a clear dashboard and windscreen can identify if a driver has a professional attitude to his/her responsibilities. It is an offence to have an obscured windscreen.


To confirm this there was recently a case before the Traffic Commissioners where a lorry driver had a tray fitted to the windscreen and its contents obscured the view.


As a result of this he failed to see a cyclist at traffic lights and the rider was killed.


The employer was aware of the tray and it was removed for the MOT but then refitted.


At court the driver received 21 months imprisonment and the firm was fined £115,00.