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Banks person training: (4 hours) (1:12)

4-hour duration for a maximum of 12 delegates’, delivered at client’s premises providing a comprehensive training delivery covering all aspects of this important role.

Driver Assessors course: (3 days) (1:3)

Maintaining standards and collecting evidence of competence provides organisations with confidence that core values and safety are being maintained our assessor training provides companies with in house resilience to carry out assessments on all drivers to ensure standards are met and maintained. Following delivery of this training we also provide an interim assessment process and documentation bespoke to organisational needs.

Coaching course: (4-5 days) (1:12)

The role of the coach within organisations is crucial to the development of skills and ensuring standards of staff are met, they provide support to the assessor and manage the expectations of both management and staff alike. Our coaching course can be bespoke to meet organisational needs and the duration is 4 days where an established framework is already in place and 5 days if we are required to develop and deliver the coaching framework.

Collision investigation courses: (1-2 days) (1:12)

We offer 2 courses to provide companies with in house resilience to investigate How and Why collisions occur and how to collate information to mitigate and manage the risk of future involvement in collision’s. Our courses will be bespoke to reinforce the established in house reporting of collisions and trends, following delivery of this training Junction 17 offer specialist support in dealing with fatal or serious collisions.

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Driving Licence Checking course: (4 hours) (1:12)

Many organisations rely on driver mandates to confirm licence validity, our training allows HR staff and managers to authenticate and confirm validity of driving licences, not just the current 5 UK versions but also all foreign licences. We provide easy to follow checking protocols and examples of all licences to cross check, explanations of both UK and European codes and updates to legislation ensuring licences remain valid and are checked in accordance with road risk management strategy.

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Trauma recognition: (4 hours) (1:12)

PTMS and stress cause organisational lost working days through poor management of likely causes and not recognising the importance of early recognition and a process to support all staff. This training provides organisations with strong in house resilience to identify the early signs of Trauma and stress and provide coping mechanisms; staff will have confidence that they will be supported to resolve difficult situations and their concerns will be met. This training is especially important to manage post collision impacts on drivers and colleagues or incidents in the workplace.

Trauma diffusion: (1-2 days) (1:8)

This remains very much a specialist delivery which normally requires the support of a Subject matter expert (SME) and we do offer established experts in this field if required. Our course allows organisations training to provide immediate support and better decision making in determining the requirement of the needed for expert support to assist.

Conflict resolution: (4 hours) (1:12)

Our training provides organisations with a greater appreciation of the importance of managing both personal and team conflicts which impact on staff performance and motivation. Where staff actively engage in workplace activity that exposes them to escalation to conflict our training is especially useful providing early recognition and appreciation of risk with proven de-escalation and safety advice to minimise their involvement in conflict.

Communication Skills: (4 hours)

This interactive training delivery has proven to be a very popular training delivery to management and staff alike, providing a detailed appreciation of the 3 components, Talking-Thinking and Listening. The importance of selecting the correct communication model to deliver the message and how body language remains the most effective support to communication and how to use it to establish empathy. This course is often delivered to provide a full days training supporting one of our other 4-hour course i.e. Conflict resolution.

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